Weight Training

Daily Grading

The grading system consists of 5 points per day  (3-points participation, 2-points social skills).

- Three points are earned for full participation

- Two points are earned for proper attire and modeling of virtuous behavior

On block schedule days, students will earn up to 10 points per class period.  The class is designed to meet the specific needs of each student based on the athletic team they are on.


              80% - Participation

              20% - Workout Sheet (collected every 2 weeks)

OFFICE HOURS - As I am often supervising athletic events after school please contact me via email to set up an appointment.

Weekly Agenda

Week of 11/27:

Monday - Warmup Lap / Workout / Begin cont. w/ workout chart

Tuesday - Warmup Lap / Workout / Record on Charts

Wed/Thur - Outside Cardio Work / Workout / Record on Charts and Turn in for grading

Friday - Warmup Lap / Workout / Record on Charts and turn in chart